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Over the past 12 years we’ve helped an incredible mix of clients deal with issues, align internal culture with business objectives, connect with like-minded people, develop campaigns and help promote their businesses.

Most of the time, only our clients will know we’ve been involved. 

Unlike many agencies, we don't list our past and present clients. We prefer to let our work speak for itself. And while we’ve kept up to speed with trends and new ways of doing things, we’ve stuck with the core principles and values that have made us the leading agency in the South Island market.

Our approach isn’t radical. It’s about understanding what keeps our clients up at night and gets them out of bed in the morning.

For the vast majority of our clients, we are strategic partners, a sounding board and a trusted friend. Which brings us neatly to you. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already heard about us via a friend or business associate.

We’d love to catch up for a chat. When our clients come through the famous red door, the first thing we do is listen, then we talk it through.

More often than not the conversation opens up a world of fresh thinking.

Sometimes, it's just a simple introduction.

Sometimes, it's about generating headlines.

Always, it’s about trust.

Our Thinking

The Chambers Way.


  • Face up to the big issues

But let's put it into context. We'll give you the right advice, the right tools and put you in the right frame of mind to do that

  • Adopt a leadership position

Want people to listen? Articulate your vision and set a clear direction. Leadership is about trust and credibility. We'll help you build that.

  • Not everything needs to go viral

Up front, it's about understanding the end game and making a plan to get there. This may mean pursuing an aggressive media strategy. More often than not it is more subtle; leveraging relationships and alliances for your benefit. 

Our Inspiration.


To support our clients in developing a well crafted communication strategy grounded in thinking and insight that will make a real difference to you and your business.

"Often it's about leveraging relationships and alliances for your benefit."


Author: Chambers

It could occur without warning and for no explicit reason directly related to your business. It might be as innocuous as a company executive making a careless 'off the record' comment or throwaway line.

But one single solitary event could snowball and have major repercussions for your business.

We accept you can't plan for every eventuality. But you can and should be prepared. By that we mean having a plan in place with the right people and policies to back it up.

A crisis can make or break the reputation of your organisation. It can emerge or strike at anytime – you want to have a clear head to handle the actual situation. You don't want to waste valuable time and resources working out what to do about it.

Successful management of a crisis situation is about acknowledging it in the first place, taking the appropriate actions and most importantly, being heard to say the right things and being seen to do the right things.

In almost any circumstance, you will need to communicate three messages:

1. This is what happened

2. This is what we are doing or going to do about it

3. This is how we feel about what has happened.

You will be judged on how you handle the situation right from the start. Whether it still is internal or whether it has erupted in the public arena, your stakeholders will want to know that they can have confidence in the leadership of the organisations to manage issues and crises as they arise and/or plan for them as they are flagged.

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Expect the unexpected

There can't be any crisis next week, my schedule is already full. - Dr Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State.

In a world where digital communication and social media can bring down governments and turn your reputation to ashes in a heartbeat, it pays to have a plan.

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The press release should be at the back of the strategic queue

Media relations, as the name suggests, is about harnessing relationships.

Any successful business person knows that being able to talk directly to your customers is the only real way to create a relationship. The stronger the relationship, the more loyal the customer.  

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Getting over our fear of commitment

There's no arguing with the potential power of social media.

But developing a digital strategy is not enough on its own.

You need to ensure you are not only comfortable in online conversations but ready to commit to them.

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Unrivalled Expertise

Strategic Counsel and Insight

We pride ourself on our ability to offer unique advantages to all of our clients with specialist skills in the following areas:

Crisis management—we provide our clients who are facing a focalised situation an incredible amount of support in overcoming the issue with as little damage to them as possible. We offer clients a thorough strategic plan for every outcome that could occur with guidance from us every step of the way.

Brand building— we value the long-term success and reputation of our clients. We offer our clients the opportunity to further explore the impact their current brand is having and assist in strengthening or reinventing that brand

Strategic networking—we guide our clients toward building and maintaining their networks to ensure continued opportunities for advancement in their markets.


Delivery & Support

We not only create opportunites for clients, but also ensure that the strategies put in place are delivered to the highest of standards.

Media engagement—we make sure that the public is informed with accurate and up-to-date information and choreographed timing

Event management—we provide our clients with every opportunity to enhance their professionall networks through conceptualising and managing events and networking opportunities.


Chambers takes a personal interest in the well-being of our clients. We provide a support network that goes well beyond the red door of our office. We treat our clients like family and we ensure that every service offered and opportunity presented to them is in their best interest.

“We harness our team's range of diverse skills, experience and expertise to develop and deliver customised services to meet the needs of each client.”

Our People

Noel Chambers

Managing Director

Noel is Managing Director and Executive Chair.

Noel has a strong background in management and finance from 10 years with Telecom NZ and five years of international banking for the BNZ. These roles have given Noel an extensive understanding of the issues faced by businesses and an insight into the management of individuals. He is also an Associate Fellow of the NZ Institute of Management (AFNZIM).

Noel’s passion for golf and commercial expertise is well utilised in his role as Director of one of New Zealand’s top golf courses, the Clearwater Golf Club. He is also a past trustee of the Canterbury Golf Development Trust.

Phone: + 64 27 435 6521

Tracey Chambers

Director & Head Strategist

Tracey is one of the most experienced and respected strategists in New Zealand. She holds a number of governance positions, including the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce Board, Vice President of Business New Zealand and Chair of The Rata Foundation (previously The Canterbury Community Trust).

These varied roles give Tracey an exceptional knowledge of the realities of the business world and the community. An acknowledged lateral thinker, her skill-base is broad.

Tracey has created and driven strategies for some of this country’s largest companies and is equally adept at developing one-off creative solutions for smaller clients.

Her issues management skills are exceptional. She has developed and implemented many successful solutions for clients facing legal and regulatory issues where relationships with staff, investors and other stakeholders were on the line.

Phone: + 64 27 229 1838

Janine Turkington

Senior Consultant

Janine's background is in strategic brand development, primarily within the advertising industry. She has also lectured in stage 2 consumer behaviour at Massey University. Her understanding of what it takes to deliver and sustain a successful brand provides valuable support to many clients.

 As a past Director of both Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising (NZ) and Ogilvy & Mather (SA), Janine offers not only depth of experience and expertise but also a perspective that only global experience can offer. Janine is well versed in the development of insights-based research and the strategic application of this to a business situation.

Phone: + 64 21 429 300

Louise Melbourne

Support Manager

Louise is a stalwart of the Christchurch communications industry, having spent 13 years in radio before moving into public relations more than 10 years ago. Louise assists with the production and financial side of the firm. Louise’s extensive network of contacts gives her the ability to negotiate the best deal for Chambers’ clients.

Her organisational skills are unrivalled in an industry where experience can lead to huge reductions in cost. Louise's ability to perform under pressure and extensive knowledge of this market make her an asset to Chambers' production, administration and financial teams.

Phone: + 64 27 435 3712

Brent Melville

Senior Consultant

Brent is a former financial journalist with a diverse career across investor relations, issues management, stakeholder engagement and strategy formulation. He boasts an intimate understanding of New Zealand’s primary sector, with three years as communications manager at Silver Fern Farms and a further two years as head of corporate communications with rural services company PGG Wrightson.

In 2012, Brent helped orchestrate a successful capital raise for Wools of New Zealand. In the infrastructure and construction sectors Brent has worked with Transfield Services, Delta Infrastructure and Port Otago and recently consulted to the Te Papa Otakaro/Avon River Precinct project for CERA, as part of the Christchurch rebuild. Brent holds an Accreditation in Public Relations with the PR Institute of New Zealand, is a member of the New Zealand Guild of Agricultural Journalists and is a former member of the Australasian Investor Relations Association. He brings a unique perspective to the role having worked both in house and at agency level.

Phone: +64 274353720

Nicky Rennie

Marketing Consultant

Nicky brings a creative edge to Chambers’ strategies.
A creative communications, media, marketing and event management specialist, Nicky joined the Chambers’ team from Polished Marketing where amongst other things, she successfully managed 2016 iD Dunedin Fashion Week, the biggest event on the Dunedin calendar.

She is an award-winning broadcast veteran of 29 years and still does the 9-12.00pm show on Hokonui each weekday as well as working for MiNDFOOD Magazine as the voice of MiNDFOOD Radio. Her broadcast background gives her a unique slant on marketing and she understands the importance of clear, direct communication and creative marketing.

For Chambers, she is working with clients who require creative solutions, a wealth of knowledge surrounding all media and clear messages that achieve results.

Phone: +64 27 689 8555

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